String Of Pearls

Botanical name: Senecio rowleyanus

Size: This plant can trail up to 1 m.

Optimal position: This trailing succulent is best planted in a hanging basket or under-planted in tall pots. It can survive indoors or out.  Place in a bright and warm position with indirect sunlight, or in filtered light (avoid the afternoon sun, where possible). This plant can withstand low light. However, it can start to stretch and produce fewer pearls.

General upkeep: Turn the plant once a quarter to encourage even growth. Frequent re-potting isn’t necessary as succulents adapt to space they’re given. If you do decide to re-pot, use a succulent soil mix.

Water requirement: Use a wooden paddle-pop stick or chopstick to test the moisture level of the soil. If the top 2-3 cm is dried, give it just enough water to bring the moisture level back up. Watering will need to be amended depending on the season, i.e. less in the cooler and more in the warmer months. 

Fertilise: Use a slow release fertiliser for pot plants in Spring (use as directed).

Propagate: Take a 5-10 cm piece with plenty of peals and place it on top of a fresh pot of succulent soil (you can also plant one end in the soil).