Fiddle Leaf Fig

Botanical name: Ficus lyrate

Size: If you plant this in the ground, this statement plant can get monstrous. However, planted indoors in a large pot (placed in the optimal position), it will reach about 3 m. If you remove the buds in the middle, the plant will branch out more.

Optimal position: Planted in a large pot, it will enjoy a bright and warm position with indirect sunlight.

General upkeep: To help with photosynthesis, the large leaves will require dusting once a quarter. Turn the plant at the same time to encourage even growth. For extra glossy and rich green leaves, wipe down the leave with a 1:1 milk and water mixture.

Water requirement: Use a wooden paddle-pop stick or chopstick to test the moisture level of the soil. If the top 5-10 cm is dried, give it just enough water to bring the moisture level back up. Watering will need to be amended depending on the season, i.e. less in the cooler and more in the warmer months. These plants thrive on humidity. To increase humidity, you can lightly mist the leaves few times a week.

Fertilise: Use a slow release fertiliser for pot plants in Spring once you replace the top 5 cm of the soil (use as directed). Use a succulent or any well-draining soil mix.

Propagate: Place a clean and healthy leaf in water and watch it grow roots. Once the roots become prominent and there are clear signs of new growth, plant it in a pot with well-draining soil.