I love provocative her. She is such an easy target. Every time she thinks she's rid of me, I whisper something nasty in her ears. Some days I feel sorry for her because I see her really struggling, but then I remember that there's no fun in that. Other days, I notice her hold her head up high and walk up to the mirror with a little smile. They are my favourite days because I know that when I'm done with her, she will fall further and harder. Those days are rarer now. Her loved ones get in the way. I try to distance her from them, always planting little seeds in her head. It doesn't work as well as it used to, but that's ok, I like a challenge.


The other day I caught her saying why not me? I laughed right at her face. I gave her an enormous list of reasons as to why not. I sat back and enjoyed the tears. My laughter is getting louder now but through it, I hear her scream leave me alone, you are ruining everything good in my life. It's absurd to think that after all these years, she still doesn't get it…That's the point. I'm her demon, and I'm here to make her life a living hell. I'm her anxiety, her irrationality, her fears, her worries. Don't think little of me. If there's anyone to blame, blame her. She made me and gave me all the power that I possess, and with that power, I will torment her for life.