Sugarcane sweetness

Your kisses taste like sugarcanes, giving me the same rush as it did the first time. Your hands caress the small of my back, making all the tiny hairs on my body stand and salute.

The soft breeze rustles the leaves outside our large bedroom window, revealing the brilliant orange and purple rays of the morning sun. Your skin is strikingly radiant, and your hair is the perfect mix of salt and pepper, thick and lush.

We hide a little deeper under the covers, trying desperately to escape the light. More sweet kisses. Little more chit-chat. Planning and dreaming up a beautiful future together.

The room warms up, forcing us to kick off the sheets. The sun pierces through. Your eyes, resembling the magnificent endless ocean – unbearably beautiful, illuminates my soul. It's hard to turn away, but I just manage. I turn around so you can hug my back.

The cool afternoon breeze pours in, gently kissing my bare skin. We plan our rendezvous to faraway lands as we watch the tiny planes fly past, their wings reminding me of little diamonds in the sky.

You pull me close as the sun bows out. Your warmth is like sitting by an open fire on a cold winter's night. You point to a shooting star. We make our secret wishes. You whisper in my ear I love you, and though I've heard it a million times over the years, my heart still skips a beat. We cocoon in the blankets, close our eyes and welcome some sweet dreams.