Little old me

…Basically, I have Squirrel Syndrome

Like most freaked out 30-year old, I was searching for meaning and fulfilment. While most of my peers found this by training for a marathon or travelling to India, I really wanted to stay away from anything that might make me sweat! After months of soul-searching, I concluded that I have a lot to say and writing was the key. This is my legacy.

I'm not a lazy person - quite the opposite actually. Nothing is too hard these days thanks to Google. I have so many interests; I'm always doing something. Cooking, cleaning, organising, taking pictures and coordinating those pictures, crafting, knitting, crocheting and Googling… I am forever Googling. Reorganising, de-cluttering, re-cluttering, shopping, reading, writing, listening to Eminem or Jack Johnson. Making terrariums and entertaining. Basically, I have Squirrel Syndrome. I wish there were another one of me and 16 extra hours in a day. When I do get a chance to sit back with a cuppa and reflect on my life, I feel incredibly proud of what I've been able to achieve thus far.

I completed my Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney. I majored in Financial Planning and Human Resource Management (HRM). Back then, every man and his dog were picking Finance and Accounting, and I just wanted to do something different. Also, back in year 9, my maths teacher told us a story about her fabulous Financial Planner who had changed her life and made her dreams come true. Looking back now, she might have been having an affair with the guy. I mean, she was still teaching high school maths. Anyway, at the time I remember thinking how rewarding it must be to financially empower someone. HRM was my plan B. I figured every business needs to hire and fire people. Fast forward to today, and even though I don't work in either industry, I am still every bit happy with my choices.

I work as a Program Manager (currently getting certified) at Russell Investments. They are a world-renowned Multi-Asset Manager. I have never worked for such an incredible organisation. I do think it comes down to the people I work with and my managers. It's a big company which operates as a small business. Everyone is very family focused, and topics around the lunch table are always about kids and significant other.


My significant other, Ryan, is my best friend and true north. I could probably write a whole book just about him and his many fun and quirky attributes, but for now, all I'll say is that he is an incredible human being who loves me as much as I love him. After spending half my life with him, it's safe to say we've worked hard towards having a successful relationship.

We somehow managed to create the perfect human specimen, Miss Amelia. At 1 ½ year old, she is flawless. Now, I'm not an obsessed mum, and of course, she has her days but she is pretty cool and intelligent and sassy and sweet and loving and cheeky and…Oh lordy, I'm one of those mums. She is stunning though, ask anyone!

I stayed home with Amelia for 14 months. Some weeks when it was just too hard to leave the house, I thought to myself thank goodness for this beautiful house. Everything still feels new, and we could spread out, have a change of scenery, enjoy the backyard and soak up the sun on the deck papa built with his bare hands. Amelia, giggling and chasing our fur babies, Hermione and Andy. The process of building our own home was daunting, exhausting and exciting all wrapped in one. We worked hard to save and gave up stamps on our passports, fancy cars and the bling. We never felt like we were missing out though, this was a conscious decision we made at 15. We were happy to have our dates in random display homes or in Harvey Norman and Freedom Furniture. Times were tough without Pinterest.

As I sit here, on my rickety, weathered, wooden bench in the shade of the two 12 ft. "Native Dancers", I watch Papa and fluffy (Miss Amelia) chasing one another, chuckling, I look over to my left, I can see the parrot green rolling hills in the distance and my Weeping Willow gently swaying in the warm summer breeze. A thought rushes through my mind, why would I want to be anywhere else? This is my heaven on Earth.

Work hard, stay humble and the rest is still unwritten.