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Recently, I had to do a Q&A about myself. It was weird and fun, all mixed in a bundle - so I thought I’d share it with you here:


What does a successful day at work look like for you?

Having a clean inbox, and avoiding the news. 

Best way to spend a weekend?

Beach (South Coast), or a long drive to nowhere with my little family. 

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I’m a Crazy Plant Lady, and I Throw Like A Girl (that’s a pottery pun – sorry!).

Sidebar: I know you already knew those things.

What would you buy with your last $50?

Ready? Here we go:

  1. 2 bags of clay because hobbies are important;

  2. 1 packet of seed potatoes so I can have more potatoes in the near future;

  3. 1 jar of instant coffee because times are tough apparently; and

  4. 1 mc-massive box of teabags (Dilmah Extra Strength if I can afford it). 

What’s your favourite day of the year?

My kid’s birthday because each year, not only do I  get to celebrate her, but I also get to celebrate the day my heart became whole – so basically, I treat her as well as myself.

What are you watching/ listening to or reading at the moment?

Ok, here we go:

  1. I’ve out-watched Netflix/Stan (not really, but I always seem to fall asleep before I actually settle on a show). I do watch a lot of pottery videos, and yes they also put me to sleep!

  2. I’m currently listening to:

    1. The Guilty Feminist – I can feel your eyes rolling – it’s actually really funny! And they do a “I’m a feminist but…” segment where the panel confesses to being a feminist, but not always living by the typical “rules”. For example: I’m a feminist, but my Spotify playlists aren’t.;

    2. 99 Percent Invisible (I’m a feminist but… Roman Mars’ voice is divine. The content is great too); and

    3. Invisibilia – it’s about the unseeable forces that control human behaviour and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions.

  3. I’m currently reading The Power which is the book of the month for my Book Club – yep, I also belong to a Book Club.

What makes your day?

Kindness – both ways!

What would you do if you were Prime Minister for a day?

I don’t think I would ever meet the criteria but if I did, I would use common sense.

Favourite quote?

I have two (are you surprised?!):

  1. Know your worth, and then add tax.

  2. The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

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