Late night kisses

It's 2.16 am. You put your arm around my neck and pull me closer. I lay awake and wonder when your arms got this long. Your fluffy hair tickles my nose. I don't mind though; you smell deliciously coconutty. You steal a bit more of my pillow. No one else in the world would get away with that, but you and you know it. Your playful giggle suddenly breaks the silence of the pitch-black room. I wonder what you're dreaming up. It makes me smile. I close my eyes and give you a big kiss on your forehead. I thank you for picking me to be your mumma. You twitch your nose. We cuddle tighter. You can't write about this love, it can only be felt. It's Earth-shattering. A flutter of worry crosses my mind, what if I let you down…I quickly shake it off, promising myself it's not an option. Your papa says you're a mini-me. It's a great compliment to me, but I know you're infinitely better. You're braver, cheekier, sassier and so much sweeter. You are perfect!

A flutter of worry crosses my mind, what if I let you down…I quickly shake it off, promising myself it’s not an option.

I miss you when you sleep, I tickle your feet, knowing it's wrong. You shift a little. I turn on the lamp. I softly whisper in your ear, Miss Amelia Rose. Your eyes fight the brightness, but eventually gives in and squints open. You look up, then snuggle back into my chest. For a moment, I think you're falling back asleep. I decide to stop annoying you and softly stroke your hair and tell you I love you more than life itself. You push your head deeper into my chest and slowly sit up, look at me and smile. You give me one of your big kisses on the lips, which you only reserve for me. Takes me by surprise but gosh, it's just what I needed — two more quick pecks. You notice the crayons on the nightstand. You sharply point and make a noise which translates to "want, now!"

I sit up and pass you the purple crayon and keep an orange one for myself. I dig out our Mumma-Bubba Journal from under the bed. We take turns until we fill the page. You begin to rub your eyes. You look at me and gesture Twinkle, Twinkle. I put away our art supplies and settle back on my pillow. I begin to sing, you screech with excitement and start to hum along. You make the perfect diamond with your little fingers. I turn out the light, you yawn and wave goodnight. You put your arm around my neck, pull me closer and together we drift away to dreamland.